ALASKA 2017 Music

Click here to download the sheet music for the songs
(.zip file containing the .pdf sheet music)

Click here to download the lyrics and guitar chords
(.zip file containing the .pdf lyrics and chords)

The vocal arrangements for the tour are available as sheet music and as lyrics with guitar chords. Please download them at your leisure if you wish to prepare your music in advance. Hopefully you will take the time to prepare since we have only 6 hours of formal rehearsals to prepare the program for our September 7 performance on beautiful Galiano Island. If you are unable to print the arrangements, Martina Peladeau will be preparing a booklet of the pieces soon. Please contact her if you need one.

I have included one song from each province and territory except British Columbia. As we will be sailing through BC waters, I included 3 tunes from our province. Obviously, I had many songs to choose from some of the provinces. Others were more challenging. In the end, I made my choices based on personal preferences along with selecting tunes which I believed are either previously known or easily learned. All of the arrangements are mine.

Some of the songs were previously arranged and have been sung in Cuba. The copyright dates will indicate the date of original arrangement. If it is 2017, then the song was arranged for this tour.

If you are unfamiliar with reading music and part singing, then I invite you to sing the melody for all songs. If you are a choral singer and want the challenge of part singing, that should make for a fun time rehearsing as we sail through the Inside Passage and across Hecate Strait. 

Each arrangement will indicate which part has the melody. I regret that the Altos are shortchanged. Sopranos should note that in several of the arrangements, the men have the melody.

I am hoping to have a “band” accompany the choir.  The members will be made up of registrants who wish to bring a guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, or other string instruments. All the songs have been written in guitar friendly keys. Chord charts are written for all of the arrangements. If you are interested and prepared to bring your instrument on the ship, then I invite you to be in the band. Please let me know quickly. I will arrange a pre – cruise rehearsal for those living on the West Coast. or 250-298-6756.

Many of the song verses are sung in unison. The choruses are always in harmony. There is some opportunity for solos. If you wish to try a solo, please let me know soon. or 250-298-6756. I have indicated where the solo options are.

Here is the list of songs and the order of performance.

This Land is Your Land.                                                            Canada
I’se the Bye                                                                              Newfoundland
Farewell to Nova Scotia                                                             Nova Scotia
The Island Hymn (hopefully sung without accompaniment)       Prince Edward Island

Partons La Mere Est Belle                                                         New Brunswick
Northwest Passage (solo opportunity)                                        the Territories
Au Fond Des Campagnes                                                            Quebec
Log Drivers Song (solo opportunity)                                           Ontario
Red River Valley (solo by John Coulthard)                                   Manitoba
Just a Little Bit South of Saskatoon (see notes for solos)            Saskatchewan
Alberta Bound                                                                            Alberta
When the Iceworms Nest Again                                                   Yukon
Where the Fraser River Flows                                                      BC
St. Mary’s Spring (solo by P. Dent)                                              BC Coast
(*) I Can Be Your Guide (solo opportunity)                                  BC Geography
This Land is Your Land                                                                reprise.

(*) These are my lyrics. I have included only the words of the 4 verses. For those interested in singing one of the solo verses, please listen to Hank Snow’s “I’ve Been Everywhere”. Because of the lyrics, it is more likely that British Columbians will be familiar with the pronunciation of some of the place names.

 Finally, please remember that this is a singing holiday. Whatever your experience or skill level, your voice and enthusiasm are welcome. Please have fun.

I hope that this tour will be a very special memory of your celebration of Canada’s Sesquicentennial. I look forward to seeing you on board the Volendam on August 30th. Please keep an eye out for the location, dates and times of the rehearsals.

Yours in harmony,


Click on a song title to hear rehearsal music. A right click (or double click?) should give you the option of downloading the music file to your PC. The rehearsal music is set up so each voice is represented by a different instrument (Soprano - flute, Alto - Clarinet, Bass - Bassoon). Also the Sopranos and Basses should sound like they come from the left or right speakers (depending on how you set up your speakers).

Click here to download the sheet music for the songs
(.zip file containing the .pdf sheet music)

Click here to download the lyrics and guitar chords
(.zip file containing the .pdf lyrics and chords)

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