Musica Semper Viva 2019
Participant Information

To: The Participants in the 2019 Musica Semper Viva

From: Peter Dent - Music Director

Subject: Music Selection copies and sound files.

I have now chosen the music for 2019. I am indebted to my friend and colleague John Coulthard for preparing the music in a downloadable format. John will also be in the bass section this year.

You will note that there is a balance of sacred and secular music. The music from Germany and Poland is by and large sacred and the repertoire from the Baltic states is secular. This has been determined largely by the venues in which we are scheduled to sing.

The pieces of German origin will potentially be sung throughout the tour. Some of the Polish sacred music will possibly be sung in the German concert as well. The secular pieces will be sung in the Baltic concerts.

For the first time in our history, we will be working with an accompanist provided by Club Tours.

Specific observations. Please read carefully

  1. J.S. Bach - Sei Lob und Pries mit Ehren – This piece was performed previously in 2013 so some of you may know it.

  2. Mendelssohn – Mass for Double Choir – We will sing only the first choir part. The organ will cover the second choir. Given the number of choristers we have, this is the only practical way to perform this piece.

    Two versions have been provided. One with the text in Latin and one with 2 sections in German. I would prefer to do the entire piece in Latin. However, Michal Svarc tells me that he has made arrangements for us to sing in the Thomaskirche in Leipzig. The church may require the middle 2 sections sung in German.

    The nature of our performance is not certain. It could be worship, it could be a short performance. I will let you know as soon as I am able.

  3. Mendelssohn – Wer nur den lieben Gott last walten – We will only sing the first 2 sections.

  4. Gaude Mater Polonia, Juz sie zmierzcha, Adoramus Te, Tristes Apostoli, & Veni Creator, are all Polish sacred pieces. Only one is in the Polish language.

  5. Hej, Sokoly is a Polish folk song. Its text makes it appropriate to sing on the Baltic portion of the tour as well.

  6. Zog Nit Keyn Mol (Yiddish), Kas Tie Tadi, Riga Dimd, * Kodutee,* and the 6 traditional children’s songs of Tormis will be done in Riga and Tallinn. I will do my best to get help with the pronunciation but you may have friends who can help you with it.

  7. Finlandia: Our only Finnish piece.

  8. Wade in the Water: Since we began this program, I have always included one of my arrangements or original compositions. So, I continue.
Please note. This music is being sent electronically for ease of the singers. Most of it is in the public domain. Years ago, I tried to obtain copy rights to “Tristes Apostoli” & “Veni Creator” from the publisher in Krakow. I received no response to my request. “Riga Dimd”and “Kodutee” are both under copyright. I have purchased multiple copies. If any of you have problems about printing these pieces, I am more than happy to mail you copies at your cost.

If you are familiar with our program, you know that we “hit the decks running”. We have 9 hours of rehearsal before our first performance. If you are new, then I invite you to prepare as much as you are able. There is no requirement that you do so. But it sure helps when we are getting ready for the performance. Based on the enrolment to date, I will be conducting the choir and singing tenor.

I look forward to meeting you all in Berlin.

Peter Dent.
Victoria, BC
March 12, 2019

A printable version of the above is available here (pdf file).

Sound Files for Musica Semper Viva 2019

The following should allow you to experience what the music will sound like. Clicking on a link should take you to an appropriate Youtube sample or play an audio file of the piece.

01 Sei Lob Und Preis Mit Ehren                                          Youtube - Netherland Bach Society

02 Mendelssohn – Kyrie and Gloria                                     Youtube - Capella Theresiana

02 Mendelssohn – Sanctus                                                   Youtube - Capella Theresiana

02 Mendelssohn – Agnus Dei                                                Youtube - Capella Theresiana

04 Mendelssohn – Wer nur den Lieben Gott last Walten      Youtube - Zeeuws Vocaal Ensemble 

05 Gaude Mater Polonia                                                       Youtube - Choir Cantores Veiherovienses 

06 Juz Sie Zmierzcha                                                            Youtube - Schola od sv. Jana Křtitele Šumperk

07 Tristant Erant Apostoli                                                     – no recording available

08 Adoramus Te Christe                                                       Audio file - computer generated

09 Veni Creator Spiritus                                                        – no recording available

10 Hej Sokoly Partitur                                                          Audio file - computer generated

11 Zog Nit Keyn Mol                                                             Audio file - computer generated      

12 Kas Tie Tadi                                                                      Youtube - Drake Choir

13 Kodutee                                                                             Youtube - USC Thornton Chamber Singers

14 Riga Dimd                                                                         Youtube - Choral Competition Gallus

15 Kuus eesti Lastelaulu (6 Estonian Children's Songs)       Youtube1        Youtube2        Youtube3 
     (Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir)                         Youtube4        Youtube5        Youtube6

16 Finlandia                                                                            Audio file - Coro Galiano and Newcombe Singers (2011)

17 Wade in the Water                                                             Audio file - computer generated. 

Audio Section Files

Some section rehearsal files are available. More will be added as they become available.

The following MP3 files may be played directly or may be downloaded to be played from your home computer, MP3 player (e.g. iPod) or Smartphone. Single or double click on the file to play it directly. To download it to your computer right click on the selection and choose "Save as" (or something similar depending on your computer).    

01 Sei Lob Und Preis Mit Ehren  Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass 

02 Mendelssohn Double Mass    Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass 

03 Mendelssohn Ehre sei Gott    Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass 

03 Mendelssohn Heilig                Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass 

04 Mendelssohn – Wer nur #1     Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass 

04 Mendelssohn – Wer nur #2     Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass 

05 Gaude Mater Polonia              Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass       

06 Jus Sie Zmierzcha                   Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass   

07 Tristant Erant Apostoli           Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass     

08 Adoramus Te Christe              Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass 

09 Veni Creator                           Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass    

10 Hej Sokoly Partitur                 Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass       

11 Zog Nit Keyn Mol                    Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass 

14 Riga Dimd                               Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass                 

16 Finlandia                                 Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass 

17 Wade In The Water                  Soprano    Alto       Tenor        Bass     

The sheet music is available here (ZIP file containing 17 pdf files of music ~ 10mb).

A translation of some of the lyrics is available here (pdf file).

  May 10/19