Swing Unto The Lord

Album Cover"God moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform," goes the old hymn written by William Cowper in 1774. In your hands, you have a unique recording that combines two wonderful musical idioms. Who could imagine well-loved hymn tunes could be woven together with jazz standards and arrangements to make a great musical tapestry?

Vancouver pianist Peter Dent demonstrates on this album and on his previous popular "An Old Fashioned Hymn Swing" that you can combine these two musical forms with integrity and grace. He brings his great love for and knowledge of the hymns of the church together with the novelty of musical association and jazz forms. There is also a clever playfulness in his arrangements and titles.

You may come to this because you love old hymns or because you are a jazz fan. Here you will find respect for both. Three very talented jazz musicians, Peter Dent, together with the free-flowing bass of Dave Young and the exciting drums of Terry Clarke, offer you the listener something quite wonderful and unique. God does move in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.

The Rev. Canon Tim Elliott
Rector, Christ Church Deer Park
Toronto, Ontario

The Music

1. Doane Bounce
2. Almost Goin’ Home
3. Easter: The Son
4. Mornin’ Ain't Broken ­ LISTEN! (MP3 file, 605K)
5. Sweet Surrender
6. Two Thru The Night
7. Pilgrim
8. Wait 'Til Next Year
9. To Gord, Our Help With Sages Past
10. St Thomas/St. Thomas
11. Precious Lord
12. Faure Foray
13. Rockingham
14. Playin' Luther Looser
15. Benedictus

The Players

Piano: Peter Dent;
Bass: Dave Young;
Drums: Terry Clarke.

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